"When a top executive is selecting his key associates, there are only two qualities for which he should be willing to pay almost any price - taste and judgment."

John William Gardner

Your people ARE your business

Cliché or not, your people are the greatest asset of your business. Your people are also greatly important to your customers.  When your customers rely on your product, they are relying on the high level of quality work your employees should produce. 

The right people — when you select and retain the right people, develop and promote the right people, motivate and mentor the right people, the right people will drive your organization forward to achieve your objectives, success and growth.

The Judgment Index™ is totally unique and one of the most highly mathematical, scientific and logically-based assessment instruments ever created. It empowers you to measure the value system and the judgment capacity and capability of an individual – and does so with unswerving accuracy.

To date, the Judgment Index™ has delivered multi-million dollar benefits to myriad organizations worldwide, in areas as diverse as recruitment, sales, and safety and risk management.  Great benefits and bottom line dollars have been gained by organizations involved in manufacturing, health care systems, insurance, construction, government, military, education, ministry, security, banking, and food service.  Why not see what the Judgment Index™ can do to help your unique business.

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